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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blogging right along

Explore these links . spend at least 10 minutes on each site. Find something new about blogging that interests you and comment below, by end of class today.
(If you're serious about blogging, join blogoklhoma.

Dr. Kurt Hochenauer, UCO English professor, will speak to our class in the near future about blogging. Here is his blog, Okiefunk--Notes from the Outback. What are two questions you'd like to ask him?


  1. 1. I like how there are multiple links for different blogs. There is something for everyone! Their headlines are similar to newspaper headlines.
    2. They include their 'sister' blogs in the shape of their state. I think that is different and creative.
    3.How do they rate Oklahoma blogs? Their blogs are interesting concerning Oklahoma. Also, their updated newbies list is helpful for new blogers.

    1. How many post do you try to do weekly? Is there a schedule you go by?
    2. What blogs do you follow and do you integrate any social media platforms?

  2. I have been coming across what I call "community" blogs; blogs that have different people posting on the same blog. Like a blog share. I am interested in how that works.

  3. 1. What really fueled you to begin blogging?

    2. Did you find your blog topic from love of the issue or a need to know and share type of deal?

  4. Observations:
    First of all, there are a LOT of blogs to check out on the sites listed above. Like Michelle said, there truly is something for everyone. On the other hand, quite a few of the blogs haven't been updated in weeks, or in some cases, months. I think that the quality control could be ramped up a bit.

    I am seeing a lot of parallels when it comes to the advertising on these blogs. Many of the ads on the blogs are the same, and many are the same as the ads that run during the nightly news.

    What got you into blogging? What blogs do you read?
    What is your favorite non blog site?

  5. I find it interesting in the blog that their are blogs for everyones interest and they are all easily accessible.

    1) What got you interested in blogging?
    2) Do you have a set time you blog daily? hoe do you fit in in your schedule?

  6. 1. I like that they have more specific blogs. You would assume sports would be one blog but they have separate it into sooners sports, thunder, etc.

    2. They feature blogs of other people… very cool!

    3. They rank the bloggers who join… wonder if it's by traffic.. if so, great idea!

  7. Questions for Dr. Kurt Hochenauer:

    1. How do you handle the negative feedback that you receive from your blog?
    2. What were some of your concerns before launching your blog?

  8. Since I am blogging about the Thunder, I enjoyed reading the blogs on NewsOk. It was interesting to see what they said in their blogs to keep the reader interested. They also gave great information on the latest news about the OKC Thunder.

    1. When you started blogging did you think you would like it, and how long does each post take you?
    2. What's your main purpose for blogging?

  9. I really like the idea of integrating readers into my blog. That could entail including current events, like on the NewsOk blogs, which include things readers could do on various days. Integrating readers could also include hosting giveaways, like on Oklahoma Women Bloggers and encouraging reader input with polls and specific questions, like on BlogOklahoma.

    Questions for Dr. Kurt Hochenauer:
    1. What do you find are the biggest struggles that you face when trying to be a successful blogger?
    2. What is your favorite part about blogging?

  10. One thing I never really thought of when blogging is having blogs that are niche. You write something in that niche and you can do another one in a totally different niche. By doing that you can set up back links to each of those blogs and help gain traffic that way.

    What was your first blog?
    How often did you blog when you first started?

  11. There are so many options to chose from when it comes to blogs. There are blogs about everything, what ever interests you, you have the options to chose certain blogs that relate to the topic you are interested in.

    1. Before posting a blog are you concerned that some people may send you negative feedback? If so, what is your strategy to handling negative comments towards your blog?

    2. What made you decide to start blogging and continue blogging? To most, blogging can get boring after awhile if there isn't much traffic on your page, what made you continue blogging?

  12. I liked NewsOK's idea of offering a blog for every topic of interest. And I really liked the idea Oklahoma Women Bloggers has of blogging as a community. I think that's a cool idea because you immediately have an audience and a following.

    Question #1: What is you're blogging schedule like? Do plan posts in advance, or do you post them as they come to you?
    Question #2: I'd imagine a political blog gets a broad span of comments, both good and bad. How do you deal with negative comments?

  13. 1.I like the power lunches which are just chats, it is a good way to integrate the audience.
    2. The links to they sister blogs and the fact they have their twitter timeline viewable is pretty cool.
    3. I like the fact they rank blog, and the newest members is cool especially if we join it.

    Why did you get into blogging?
    What are some tips for improving a blog?

  14. One thing I find interesting about blogging is how different it is from other mediums in social media. Twitter is 140 characters on your breakfast, Facebook is a 140 selfies, but blogging is numerous stories and details of peoples lives.

    1) How can blogging survive alongside other social media giants?

    2) You recently wrote on your blog, "The intent of the bills, however, remains the same: Cast doubt on basic longtime scientific principles and research and insert religious ideas in classroom." If you would, define a religious idea and what separates a scientific principle from being a religious idea of its own?

  15. a.) I wouldn't say i learned anything new exactly about blogging, but i've started to see a better way to write the blogs.
    1. Do you post weekly, or wait until a story comes along?
    2. How did you get into blogging?

  16. NewsOK divided the blog into different categories, I am interested in the sports blogs. And the Oklahoma Women bloggers gathering women into a common space with common objectives and by connecting and empowering them for the greater good. This is my first time to know about the specific blog for a certain group. Blogging in the same group may strike a chord with each other, especially for women.

    1. What's your purpose for writing the blog?
    2. Do you have interactions with your bloggers?

  17. After reading and getting a feel of the blogs listed above, what I found interesting about Blogging is the fact that there are so many formats you can construct your blog to become. Specifically, with the Oklahoman blogs, the Arts and Food blogs caught my attention because you could tell the bloggers were genuinely passionate in what they were writing about. On the Oklahoma Women's Blogs site, there was one blog that grabbed my attention immediately, which was called "Under the Oklahoma Sky". Her style of writing is humble and makes herself vulnerable; she is artistic and optimistic. And in BlogOklahoma, one blog that stuck out to me was called "I Go By Meg". There is an obvious reason why I was drawn to this blog. In addition, the blogger and I are on the same page in terms of using social media to our advantage, and being an influence.

    1. Why are you going by this angle in terms of liberalism?

    2. How has blogging influenced your life beyond the computer screen?

  18. Part 1:
    1. I read a blog about time travel and how there possibilities for time travel to happen, like a space shuttle moving at the speed of light.
    2. I read the first article I saw about the woman who dated so many men over several years.
    3. I read about ways to deal with too much email. Basically, read everything when it comes and move on.

    Part 2:
    My questions to Mr. Hochenauer-
    1. Where do you come up with your blog ideas?
    2. How long does it take you to create one blog post?

  19. I like how News OK has multiple blogging topics. That is something new to me and I feel like it would help keep the traffic going on the website as long as the information was good.

    Blog Oklahoma seems a little dull but I like how they share members posts which could help improve your blog

    questions: 1. Would you say that most people read the full length of your blogs? Because for us starting out we are trying to stay short and sweet.

    2. What kind of feedback do you get with a political blog? Do you get a lot of good feedback or a lot of "haters"?

  20. I am interested in the travel blog. Because I want to write the blog connected with travel. It is new for me, and the travel along, there are many traveling blogs, I think I need to learn their writing style. Last time I wrote a blog about Qinghai, I think there are less words, so at the next time I will change it and talk about the story and history of that place.
    My questions to Mr. Hochenauer:
    1. what is the most popular topic of blog?
    2. what is your passion about start writing blogs?