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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SEO links and assignment

Three links on SEO. find one more. Post on comments two things you learned that will help your traffic.


  1. Fun Fact: this is actually my job. I work for a digital marketing company that clients hire to improve SEO/etc.
    These are actually the links we refer to at work:

    Things you can do to improve SEO: exchange links. Whether you're guest blogging on credible sites (note: credible. As in, not grandma's blog with two readers.) or whether guests with credible blogs are guest-posting on your blogs, link to each other! Building link connections with credible websites is part of the algorithm Google uses to rank your website on its search pages. You can also do a simple keyword search in Google Analytics to see what keywords/labels people are searching for.

    *Actually, if you have any questions about this, ask me. Seriously. I could go on for days about how cool SEO is.

  2. I found it interesting that the common facts are Duplicating content, Url variants, off-site images, and duplicate tagging.
    I didn't realize I was making these mistakes, but I have done duplicate tagging and off-site images.

    I think that using keywords in my title, tags, and headers will allow me to gain a larger audience. I never thought of trying to keep some of the words the same but in different areas. Now, I understand that this will help in gaining more search results with my blog in it.


    Meta keywords tag helps your blog to be more definitive and helps raise your search engine ranking. This also helps narrow down the content of your blog so you have a clear picture of what your blog is about.


    Try that website. It's actually pretty interesting that there are so many ways bloggers can improve SEO. I found out too that adding meta tags on blog homepage is actually very helpul. Yahoo and Google are two of the biggest search engines that people use and little bit of touch from the blog's design html makes a difference. It would improve the likelihood that blog posts are more easily accessed by people.

  5. Most of this sounds like gibberish to me but the things I took away from the links included: 1. Avoid long titles as Google only displays about 65 characters in the search results anyway. 2. Adding a blog description to your Blogger Blogspot blog can boost your rankings by helping visitors locate your blog using keyword and keyword phrases.

    Here's an additional helpful link that I found,


    I learned that Google Webmaster Tools will track down to the exact keywords that are garnering your blog the most hits. That being said, keywords are extremely important. There are websites that list keywords for generic words. For example, when I inserted macaroni into Google Adwords, it told me that gluten-free macaroni was getting lots of searches. I could write a post about gluten-free macaroni, in hopes of broadening my reach.

    Also, social bookmarking is the trend of placing buttons for social media outlets on your blog. This allows another major search optimization. Social media are search engines in their own. Having them, and linking them to your blog will stir traffic from widely used websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  7. It seems to me that keywords in the titles have a lot to do with how well your SEO is. Secondly, putting your post title before your blog title improves the search engine optimization (never would have thought of that).

    Another link I found about SEO is:


    A good way to improve your traffic is to have fasting loading themes because this can allow people to enjoy your page more frequently. The first initial impression of the page is what matters. Also, adding share buttons to your blog allows traffic to improve because it gives the reader an opportunity to connect with their followers and attract others to follow your blog.

  9. Though I have avoided it numerous times, it looks like I will have to sit down and learn the basics of HTML if I want a successful blog.

    Also, I had never heard of "breadcrumb navigation" until today. I'll get on that.

    other site:

  10. I learned early in life that a good title is going to get you some hits on the internet. I have learned this semester that is going to result in minimum results. We want good results. The first link,, had some good points on how links get more recognition than tags or labels do and I found that most interesting. I still think more viewers can come from strategic tweeting though (next lesson?).

  11. Here is a link I found about SEO which puts the topic into laymen's terms.

    Titles seem to be the easiest way to induce heavy traffic. Keeping a title relevant to the topic helps up the ranking in search engine priority. Along with being relevant the titles must also be concise.

    Another tactic which was mentioned several places was the use of keywords and meta description. Like titles, if the keywords remain relevant it is really useful. Having too many labels can dilute the precision of the post and harm chances in search engines.


    I liked this link because it had good ideas on how to get more traffic for your blog.

    I also liked how it talked about meta tags. I did not really know what they were.


    Here are two things that I have learned regarding tags, key words, and overall blogging popularity:

    1. Title tags are important if your Blogger blog is to attract traffic and rank in search engine results.Search engines use title tags to display your post title as a headline in search engine results.

    2. Making sure that you know your targeted keywords and use them within your post content. One of the factors in determining rankings is the relevance of the targeted keywords in relationship to the text that appears in the post content.


    I learned to not use offsite pictures and to keep the titles of my posts under 35 characters.


    One way to increase your traffic is by getting major search engines to list your blog. As well as adding meta tags and blog description to Blogger. Adding meta keywords can boost your rankings and help future viewers to locate your blog by using keywords and keyword phrases as well as descriptions.

  16. SEO
    I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts, thought I would say thank you for all the great content. Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.

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