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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lead to your blog presentation

In the comments below:
List the url and name of the blog

1. What is it that you find most interesting about the blog? Two sentences.
2. What will be the attention grabbing sentence of your paper or presentation opening?

Post this no later than 5 p.m. today.


  1. Color is my Weapon Everything Beauty

    The blog is a beauty blog and some my dismiss it. However, I find the blog interesting because she shows girls tricks and techniques that can help boost their self esteem. Also, she explains that beauty is not just on the outside its on the inside too.

    Have you ever met a girl that you wanted to say "GIRL you should eat that makeup and maybe you'd be beautiful on the inside too"!!



    The most interesting thing about this blog is the blogger. Amy Groeschel is the wife of successful Pastor Craig Groeschel from Lifechurch.TV.

    Her husband has published book after book but he's not the only writer in the family; Amy Groeschel publishes her own project, weekly.

  3. American Cowboy Chronicles

    The blog is interesting to me because it has all these ideals that I always want for my blog. Most of the posts are quite lengthy, but it is very thorough and informational while some are slightly controversial.

    A cowboy does not only love horses, embrace a traditional lifestyle, but also gets busy to write a blog. Yes, Tom Correa who is a professed cowboy from small town Glencoe, California is a very fine blogger of matters that hits his heart the most, politics.

    1. Thank you so much. This is all very nice.

  4. Pairadime Music

    Pairadime exposes local artists and producers on the web. Also, the blog is interactive to the readers because they allow inspiring artists to submit their work to the blog.

    Steer away from radio music. There's more out there than what you hear in your car.

  5. Indie Jane Photography

    1. I have followed this blog for years and I love the posts and transitions made to it. I also like the personal-ness of it.
    2. "Some people will have photo albums to share with their future children. I'll have my blog!”

  6. Deadspin -

    Deadspin looks at the world of sports from a different view compared to longtime powerhouses like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Their creative and thought provoking posts can be ridiculous and/or crude, but they are entertaining.

    "Deadspin is the crude watchdog of all things sports and and pop culture."


    The most interesting thing about this blog is that it covers all the entertainment that happens in one of the world's most populated and fast moving cities. I've also been following the blog for a long time and seen it grow from the main blogger to an entire staff, which I find very inspiring.

    Why would you want to know about Bollywood and the Bombay circuit unplugged?


    The most interesting thing about this blog is that Marie gives helpful advice to becoming a successful entrepreneur and has many video blogs with interesting interviews with a variety of professionals. She emails followers with links to her videos she calls MarieTV

    Unlock your creativity and help kick start your business with Marie Forleo.


    What I like about this site is information about the every day herbs and foods you can eat or drink to help heal your body naturally. She has recipes and photos of health foods you can incorporate in your diet.

    Heal your body and feel healthier with Dr. Pepper Hernandez’s helpful dieting tips.

  9. A Cup of Jo

    1. I have just recently started following this blog and I fell in love with it. The first thing that caught my eye was simply the layout, but the next thing was that she wrote about her life in New York. NYC has always held a special place in my heart so I've had an interest in learning about how people survive the city that NEVER sleeps.

    2.That old saying, or cliche, "the first step is a doozy," comes to mind when I think about Joanna Goddard's journey to become a full-time blogger.

  10. The Sits Girls:

    1. I really like this blog because it gives you tips and tricks on how to make your blog attract more traffic. It also features new blogs every week.

    2. "Blogging as a stay at home mom doesn't make money"

  11. 1. Mae is local, she attended the same university, and we have a few mutual friends.
    2. She attended law school, lived in another country, and put it all aside to become a professional blogger.

    "From suits and a briefcase to a macbook and a latte, blogging has drastically changed Mae Badiyan's career path in an exciting and colorful way".

    Interesting things: Rachel is all about color and incorporating it into her everyday life. She says, "I'm Rachel and I've never met a color I didn't like." Rachel is the creative director & founder of Pencil Shavings Studio where she designs paper goods, tech accessories, & home decor.

    Daily Thunder
    1. Royce has tapped into a sort of hybrid-blogging where he combines Twitter updates during games with blog posts and a message board that has developed into his own brand. T-shirts are sold by local businesses that he puts out every season and he's built himself up from nothing.
    2. I haven't got a starting sentence just yet, but I bet it'll knock your socks off... I hope.

  14. The Cocktail Chronicles

    This blog has an alphabetical list of the drinks that the admins have made and the links to other alcohol-related blogs. His layout is also easy to read.

    This blog has a Mixology Monday, which I took as an opportunity and challenge to taste new drinks.