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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Blog presentation schedule, semester deadlines

Deadline: Contact, Tuesday, Oct. 25. Interview, Nov. 1.

Your 15-minute presentations start Nov. 3.
Here's what is required:
1. Three page paper summarizing your presentation, with screen shot of the blog's home page, handed in day of presentation.
2. One page outline to every member of class
3. Presentation. Must include visuals. Powerpoint optional. Cover points listed below
Nov. 3--Courtney Balli
Nov. 8--Carolyn, Ryley
Nov. 10--Auri, Elizabeth
Nov. 15--Justin, Alex B
Nov. 17--Jake, Alicia
Nov. 22--Katie, Alex F
Nov. 29--Samantha, Kristin
Dec. 1--Des'ree, Mike
Dec. 6--Cloe, Brooke

Blog essay due--Oct. 27
Final--1 pm, Dec. 13 

This assignment is 100 points, 10 percent of your grade. 1. Presentation to be 15 minutes long 2. 1 page outline to every member of class 3. 3-page paper, handed in day of presentation to professor 4. Post your paper on your blog, with screenshot of blog 5. One or two items from each presentation will be discussed for final text questions. Your outline is your study guide.   

“We want a sense of what makes this blog effective, and to learn from the blogger’s experience.”

Presentations will start Nov. 1 --we set presentation schedule Oct. 25

  • You must show the blog visually in your presentation, scroll through it and discuss.
  • List the Name and url of the blog.
  • Here is what we want to know:

1.     History of the blog—

a.     How long blogging?

b.     Who is the blogger? (Age, profession, etc.)

c.      Purpose?

d.     Geographic location?

e.     Number of followers?

f.      Does it make money?

g.  Why do they blog?

2.     What makes this blog unique?

3.     What are its strengths?

4.     What are its weaknesses?

5.     What is the advice of the blogger?

  • What do you like and dislike?, and why
  • What did you gain that influences you and your blog?

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