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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blog essay deadlines

Feb. 4: Complete this sentence, to hand in first of class, on paper: This is an essay about (Subject) and it is interesting because ____________________. My thesis (the main point of the paper that I'm supporting with my sources) is__________________________. 

Feb. 11:--List three probable links as sources and be ready to explain them in class.

Feb. 25: Introductory paragraph, handed in first of class, on paper.

Potential organization (outline) :
1. Introductory paragraph, what the subject, problem, focus is. ending with your thesis statement.
(Example: "Blogging has changed the way newspapers have covered the news.")
2. Two or three paragraphs, citing sources to back up your thesis. 
3. A short concluding paragraph
4. List of links for your sources

Essay will be due  March 7, at first of class 100 points (10 %of grade)



    This is just one link , but it has many other links included in the article.