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Thursday, March 12, 2015

End of semester calendar

There are only 6 weeks of class left. There will not be a class April 30, so the last day of class is April 28.
We begin your blog adoption presentations Tuesday, March 31.  We must do three a day.
1. You must be here for the presentations. Absences count 10 points off your regular grade.
2.  Read the presentation guidelines and follow them. Your presentation loses points by not following them precisely. (They were posted earlier on this blog, Feb. 9.)
3. Do not put off making copies until the day of the presentation. Not being able to find a printer is no excuse and it will cost your grade points.
4. If you miss the day of your presentation, it will be virtually impossible to make up because of the tight schedule. Since this is a major part of your grade you will likely flunk.
5. We will "Debrief" after every presentation, and select two possible final test questions from it .
6. Final, 11 am, May 7.

Your end of semester schedule (No class Tuesday, March 31; Thursday April 30.
April 2--Chisholm Holland, Lindsay Todd, Shane Foshee
April 7--Jeff Burger, Queila Omena
April 9--Cameron Weeden, Katie Ceyler, Garrot Scott
April 14--Sydney Lane, Emily Schlabach, Chase Buss
April 16--Katie Wagoner, Mason Grimes, Danny Flores
April 21--Rick Lemon, Sarah Nishimata,  Jackson Reber, Emily Hahn
April 23--Emily Stinson, Kanesha Brown,Taylor Favell, Alyson Acklin
April 28--Natasha Schmidt