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Monday, February 23, 2015

Weather day--Read this.

UCO doesn't open until 11 am tomorrow.
But Bloggers--many of you commute a long way to UCO and the roads may still be hazardous.
I will not take roll tomorrow. You do not have to be in class. All you have to do is post something on your blog by 11:30. I will be reading and checking. You are free to do this from home or wherever.
I will be in class for those of you who want to come and can't stand not to share my wit and wisdom.
You are also just three weeks from having your blog essay done, and you should have contacted your blogger you're going to adopt by now.

Incidentally, several of you have already lost points that cannot be made up because you have not posted enough. While this is a laid back class, I do read and count your posts. I don't babysit and won't nag you.

Be safe

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