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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog writing?

Read and post one main bit of advice from each one that affects you. Today.


  1. For the first link, making your writing scannable is important. My blog is about stories from observations so instead of lists or summaries I make sure my stories are short and to the point, along with attractive and catching.

    For the second link, writing posts that people want to read is obviously the whole point of blogs. My stories are honest, heart felt, sometimes funny, and can always relate to real life since my stories come from real life observations.

    For the third link, layout is the first thing your audience sees. It can make or break whether you have readers or not. For my blog I need to write in shorter paragraphs and maybe add pictures or columns to make my sentences break easier, which pleases the eye.

    Lastly, the fourth link is more so an overview of blog details and writing style. Everyone has a unique writing style and my blog writing style is about drawing emotions and options out of observations that most people pass without a thought. If I add more pictures I believe it could pull more emotion out of my readers rather than just words. People react differently and usually stronger to visuals. Then of course, I need to always double and triple check my work before posting it.

  2. The First Link: Links, links, links and more links. Which leads to more labels, which in turn leads to more traffic. Blogging about sports gives me a great opportunity to do this but I need to work on it.

    Numero dos: Initiate interaction. This is very important because this can keep the audience coming back to your blog. Again, this is something that I am noting to get better.

    The third link: "Long narrow newspaper columns." Great advice. I might make a change to my blog because the reading might go horizontal for too long.

    The last link has a ton of information. "Use lists, images, tables, sub-headlines, examples, indented notes, indented quotes, icons, colors, bold and italics to lighten up your article and make it easier to scan it." Making your blog easy to read is muy importante. If the audience has trouble reading your blog in the first 20-30 seconds THEY WON'T CONTINUE.

  3. Of the four links viewed I feel the mainstay is you must have a clear Headline make sure that is states a good lead of the posts content and will keep the reader on the page. Also to keep paragraphs short. Always be sure to reference links to information you used from other sites on your page.
    Also be honest and know what tone you want to use to target your audience and be consistent with your posts.


  5. 1. It's core is being able to write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time

    2. the more you promote your blog, the more people will find it and the greater likelihood that some of those people will read what you have to say, like it, and return.

    3. No matter how great your blog content and writing is, if it’s not easy to read people won’t enjoy it and won’t come back for more.

    4. Spellcheck your posts, and read them for clarity once or twice before posting. An error now and then isn’t bad but theless fewer errors, the more quickly people will be able to read and understand your article. (This rule, of course, is universal in writing and doesn’t just apply to blogging.)