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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you my type? Assignment for Jan. 29.

Typography assignment 


  1. Using the guidelines we've talked about, find one blog that has ineffective typography. Post the link under comments, and briefly tell what is wrong with the type being used.
  2. Using the guidelines we've talked about, find one blog that has effective typography. Post the link under comments, and briefly tell what is right with the type being used.



    This blog is an example of poor typography. Their font is a bit too small and tough on the eyes to read.

    This blog has simple and effecting design. It's layout is inviting and comfortable as well as the typography being easy to read. Their grammer isn't the best, but the font, size, and style is well put together.


    This blog got my attention not because it is amazing but because it's bad. I can't almost read the blogs because the blog have very small fonts and barely used space for each of the paragraph.

    This blog is actually very good. It is very simple, but the fonts are great and the structure of the blog posts are good.


    I feel that the type on this site is to small and the color of the type and background make my eyes seem out of focus it is very hard to keep eyes on page with out strain.

    This site was easy on the eyes and the type blended well the words pop out at you and I didn't have a problem reading or focusing on the type.

    Although this appears to be a more personal blog, the typeface is difficult to read. It's sans serif, white on black, and small.
    This site has a very simple san serif, light colored typeface. The color scheme matches the design of the blog. I also find it youthful looking, which is appropriate considering the audience.

    This blog is very pretty, but the typography is horrible. It is to light for the background. If she would have darkened the font it would have been easier to read . Also, I think making the font bigger would have helped to strain the eyes less.
    This blog has great typography. She uses a simple yet affective font that is easy to read. She also uses color in some of her sentences to have a point come across easier.

    Is a very interesting blog, but has horrible typography. The words can be difficult to read at times because the background is white and the words are not very dark. Also, the font size goes from big to small and vice versa.
    This is a better example because the font is a good size and the background makes the words easier to read as well.

    "Morbid Anatomy"... certainly lives up to its name, and the font does not help either. The type is very small and really thin. It was a strain to read or to even want to keep reading.
    This blog's typography was very easy to read. the font was probably around 12px, so not real big but I didn't feel like my eyes were straining. The type of font was simple and it's an interesting blog as well.

    High Cotton Blog has a pretty simple typography when it comes to actual posts, but with the rest of the type on her blog, I didn't even notice her posts. She's got a lot going on and it's really overwhelming. Sometimes, simple can be better.
    I love the simplicity of this blog. It really seems to be classy and organized. The blogger doesn't use too many different fonts and it's easy on the eyes.

    This blog's typeface is boring, and my eyes get tired when reading it from the lack of contrast between text groupings. The page is also really busy, and it's hard to decipher blog entries from advertisements and other widgets on the page.
    I like the typography Kaling uses on her blog because she keeps it simple and it's not too busy. The serif font for the text is easy on the eyes, while the sans serif titles stand out appropriately.