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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Typography assignment

For Thursday,

Following our discussion last week, and the guidelines on typography already posted,

Post three sentences each on the strengths of your blog's typography, and three on what you think needs improvement. Explaining why.


  1. Positive
    1. The font-type is vivid and eye catching.
    2. The simplistic color scheme of the type doesn't allow itself to become bogged down.
    3. The type fits with the topic.

    1. I should probably find a better contrast than white/grey type over a black background.
    2. Find ways to fill some of the blank space without overdoing the type.

  2. Positive
    1. The font-type is easy to read.
    2. Black type on a white background.
    3. Body type with 12 point in size.

    1. I should use a better contrast color on my description type.
    2. Avoid using color type for my blog post title.
    3. Be as simple as possible.

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  4. Positive
    1. The font colors are simple and easy to read.
    2. The type-face is simple and clear.
    3. Black type on the white background helps the reader focus more on the content of the blog.

    1. The size on my type needs to be a little bigger.
    2. The type-face of my title needs to be in bold to draw more attention.
    3. The light gray background would be more effective darker.

    Jordan Harris

  5. Positive
    1. The font is easy to read.
    2. The font on the title of the blog contrasts with the font in the text of the blog.
    3. All the text is a relatively simple and has a clean look.

    1. The size of the font in the blog posts needs to be larger.
    2. The font is currently gray on the blog posts, but I should change it to black.
    3. The titles on my blogposts are in serif and the blog post is in sans serif, I plan on switching them and making the title sans serif and the posts in serif.

  6. Positive
    1. My font size is big and clear, making it easy to read.
    2. The font type looks "friendly" and "light", attracting readers.
    3. The spacing is wide enough to not make the posts look cramped up.

    1. The gray color of the font does not stand out with the meloncholy background.
    2. The red color of other less important words like "posted by" and the "comments" section seem to stand out more than the post font.
    3.The font of the date and time is not attractive enough.

  7. Positive
    1. My fonts of Arial and Courier work well with my masculine theme, simplistic and rugged.
    2. My fonts are the right size so they are easy to read but not ridiculously big.
    3. My font is a good solid black and grey so it wont be distracting to readers.

    1. My title is white which is a very passive color and might be overlooked.
    2. My links are blazed orange to match my banner, however they are hard to see against the cream background.
    3. My profile font does not draw your attention to the side column.

  8. Positive:
    1. My font is a derivative of serif, which makes it easy to read.
    2. My color scheme is simple—black type on a white background.
    3. There is minimal use of bold and italics, but enough to convey a difference in emphasis.

    1. It's plain. It's not eye-catching and, therefore, not memorable.
    2. It's probably not bold enough. Though the letters are legible, they don't "pop."
    3. The time and date information is too small and looks almost too technical.

  9. Positive:
    1. My font is easy to read and simple nothin too complicated.
    2. My template is simple black background and white font.
    3. My font size is a good size. Not too big or too small.

    1. My font isn't catchy. While it's not complicated, it's a bit boring.
    2. It's not bold enough. I think if I made the font on the titles and labels a bit more bold the posts would be more eye-popping and catch the readers eye.
    3. Even though the black and white template is simple, not sure if it's exciting enough. I think I might play with some different backgrounds and colors for my template. Not going to make it difficult, but a little more exciting.

  10. Positive:
    1. Varies but flows
    2. Clear distinction between body and heading
    3. Colors are visible

    1. Body text is plain
    2. Too much white space
    3. Body could be broken up more

  11. Positive-
    1. simple
    2. Easy to read.
    3. Contrasted Color

    1. very basic font.
    2. One color
    3. Maybe too small

  12. Positive:
    1. Black font is easy to read.
    2. The heading font is fancy while the body type is all georgia which is simple.
    3. The type is easy to read and follow.

    1. Font may need to be a bigger size.
    2. Fonts are boring.. Not what I'm going for.
    3. Need to bring more personality into my blogs typography.

  13. Positive:

    1. White background with dark text
    2. Negative space to give the text breathing room
    3. Only two fonts are used


    1. Fonts are simple
    2. Needs a more interesting font for the header
    3. More subheads

  14. Positive:
    1.The font being used is easy to read.
    2.Colors are contrasting.
    3.The blog isn't crowded with useless gadgets.
    1.The yellow box where the posts are made is ugly.
    2.There aren't many interesting pictures yet.
    3.I'm only using one font.

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