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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tying up loose ends

By the end of Thursday class,

  1. Follow each class member's blog
  2. Based on today's discussions of your colleague's blogs, what did you gain that may be of benefit to your blog? Post as comment below.
  3. Go to this link of the Journal Record. Find one blog, and evaluate it  in terms of what you can use to improve your blog. Post on your blog.
  4. Assignment posts--they are part of your grade and due when assigned. Late posts do not count.
Blog evaluation notes--how does yours measure up?
1. Regular content posts
2. Readability of typography
3. Layout friendly (Not cluttered) (What is cluttered?)
4. Wow factor?


  1. Does your blog have a follow this blog gadget. Get one by Thursday
  2. Do you have a profile and photo? Get it done.
  3. Add labels to your posts.
  4. What is the purpose, direction of your blog. Add it somewhere 
  5. Remember, your posts are part of your grade--two posts a week, on time


  1. I learned that it is easy and sometimes dangerous to your blogs success to pick an unreadable font. Be sure to make your font big enough and bold enough to keep the readers interest.

  2. By looking at colleagues blogs, I see the many different creative ways to build your blog. Backgrounds, font colors, and applications on your blog can increase followers or those interested in your blog. The main goal is to get as many readers or followers, and to make a difference in a reader's day.

  3. One thing I got out from this discussion is I have to include labels for all my blog posts. The reason is because when internet users search something which is related to photography through google, yahoo, or bing, they might see my blog on the search result.

  4. After looking at my classmates' blogs, I realized that artwork at the top of my blog is needed to draw visitors into the blog.

    Another area would be to make the following information easier to view: followers, about the blog, and archives.

    My site's header is lacking, but I feel my blog has enough breathing room, easy to read text, and different content types.

  5. Today in class by looking at the other classmates blogs I learned that the typography is so important in the readability of a blog. I also learned to space out my blog posts with paragraphs and make the first letter of each paragraph "Largest" in size. Also, pictures are very important and just the all together look of the blog should be presentable and put together.

  6. I learned today that content is truly key. The "Doctor or Wizard" blog post, poking fun at Dr. Clark's beard was by far the most interesting, and I'm sure every student in class will be taking a gander at that post. Good stuff.

  7. I do not think I had really grasped the importance of typography until looking at other classmates blogs as well as mine from a different perspective. I also learned that simplicity is key for readability and keeping readers focused on the content rather than all the other things going on around it such as back ground, font, etc. I like the idea of making the first letter in each paragraph bold and bigger then the rest of the type. I think that creates a nice flow.

    Jordan Harris

  8. I realized seeing each others blogs how much the little things count. Something seeming as insignificant as your background color can make or break the readability of your blog. This snowballs because if it is hard to read, people will most likely not come back to read it consistently. I thought my typography was fitting of my blogs subject however upon seeing it compared to everyone else's I realized mine was not up to standards.

  9. When looking at everyone else's blogs the other day I realized that I may need to give my blog alittle more pop, which I have been checking out. I also realized that I need to focus alot more on my typography so that it's readable and will catch another readers eye.

  10. I think that in comparison to my peers' blogs, my blog is quite wordy and lack pictures. I have learned that pictures do, in the cliche-est form, "paint a thousand words" and is more effective. After all, most people learn better visually - through graphs and pictures. I think that I should really be putting up more pictures.

  11. My blog is a bit gray compared to my peers' blogs. I think it probably wouldn't hurt to add some color to it, even if it's a little bit more subtle.

  12. After looking at everyone's blogs, I noticed that the blogs that were easiest to read and look at were simple. However, I do think my blog is too simple and I'm still looking for a new background. Also, the typography and the size of the font is put into perspective when it was put up on the projector.