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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Typography assignment

  1. Using the guidelines we've talked about today, find one blog that has ineffective typography. Post the link under comments, and briefly tell what is wrong with the type being used.
  2. Using the guidelines we've talked about today, find one blog that has effective typography. Post the link under comments, and briefly tell what is right with the type being used.


  1. One of the worst I've come across is:

    This blog uses tons of all-caps typography, making it very difficult to read.

    One of the best is Deadspin ( They use a serif font throughout the site and stay away from any gimmicky styles.

  2. ineffective - - Grey, on black, on grey color scheme is boring.

    effective - - good color contrast and use of both serif and san serif fonts.

  3. Ineffective: -This blog has different type faces and font sizes mixed in and makes it hard to read.

    Effective: This blog is very easy to read and uses simple type and color. Looks very structured and clean.

    -Jordan Harris

  4. Ineffective - - This blogger used all caps and colored faces which are not easy to read.

    Effective - - This blogger used serif and san serif fonts which are easy to read.

    Cyn Sheng Ling

  5. Ineffective: - Terrible use of color contrast. A lime green background with navy text makes readers feel like they're on psychedelic drugs.

    Effective: - Uses simply fonts and highlights quotes when necessary. Easy to read on computers, tablets and phones.

  6. Ineffective: - The site uses light text color against a white backdrop, making it extremely difficult to read. With all text in the center of the page, it is unwelcoming to a reader.

    Effective: - The site makes a good use of only two fonts. The layout of the text is reminiscent of a simple newspaper. The site utilizes sans serif fonts.

  7. Ineffective: The seafoam green background with white titles is distracting and hard to read. Blog does have a profession look with title color verses background color.

    Effective: This blog has a simple style to it with a white background and black font. It has many links on each page so it utilizes traditional type to keep the site from being too busy.

  8. Ineffective: The color of the font is too similar to the color of the background, making it hard to read.

    Effective: The font is not hard to read, and the blog does not have a lot of clutter, it is very simple.

    Ineffective due to the fact that a darker shade of brown is typed onto a lighter shade of brown. Anyone with any type of color blindness will struggle with this type regardless of how contrasted it is.
    effective due to the fact that the type is varied, easy to read, and not boring!


    Bad typography because although they use the same font in their posts, it is all different sizes which just makes the blog look messy and some posts are unreadable its so small.

  11. ineffective:
    This blog has a creative style, but the title and subtitle are almost impossible to read due to color and the type of script. Also, the titles of each post are in a similar script font that is difficult to read.

    This blog has a unique set up that is eye catching, mostly because it does not adhere to the typical "blogger" set up. Her title and header make good use of color and texture while maintaining readability.


    This blog has good typography the font is a serif type which makes it easier to read. The background is a lighter color and the black type stands out. On top of that the font is big enough to read!

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