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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 2 assignment

Read state of the blogosphere, 2011

Not the comments, but all four parts including the charts that give you some sense of perspective

For Tuesday...How will this apply to your blog?

One response to this question, in comments section below/


  1. In the Technorati- State of the blogosphere article I found that my blog fits most of the criteria for the majority of most bloggers. I am a singe American female blogging as a hobby not a source of income. This applies to my blog in a negative way because I'm in the catagory of most. Meaning that it will be more of a challenge to gain high readership and make my blog a successful one. Challenge accepted.
    Brittany Eddins

  2. After reading the article, I I would like to start off my blog as a Hobbyist blog because I want to attract readers and have a following. Then, hopefully I will make it into an Entrepreneur blog sometime later. Based on the survey, entrepreneurs use blogs as a way to promote their products, and it has been proven effective. These entrepreneurs have to blog frequently so that the consumers will be kept updated. I hope I can follow their footsteps.
    Cyn Sheng Ling

  3. Analyzing the trends and data gathered in the report clarifies my approach to "advertising" my blog's existence. Being a lifestyle-oriented blog, it falls under the "Hobby" category unless my reputation eventually (hopefully) elevates it to a sort of "brand" status at a later time. With this in mind, the use of social media as a means of "advertising" a blog's existence seems to be the way to go to get the site off the ground. Social media assault, followed by potential terrestrial advertising or word-of-mouth referrals would be the most appropriate means of ensuring my blog reaches the most people.

  4. I am certainly a hobby blog. This is both good and bad. There are numerous blogs about cooking and crafting out there so it will be easy to find others with common interest, however this also means I can get lost in the sea of blogs. The challenge is to get readership. I plan on following a formula of posting regularly, as in every tuesday/thursday or something of the sorts. This will help others to expect when I will post and thus gain returning readers.

  5. Technorati seems to show some interesting poll results with the money people bring in from blogs. Upon first hearing that you can make money by blogging, I was very much intrigued. However after looking at the time professionals spend on their blogs and the money they receive, I do not think it is worth doing on a financial level unless blogging is something in which you are truly obsessed. I have never blogged before so I might fall in love, but as for now I believe it will probably remain a fun hobby like the majority of bloggers.

  6. Like others, I noticed that the majority of bloggers do it strictly as a hobby, receiving no income from their work. I think my blog will most likely remain a part of the majority, no matter how much time and effort I put into it. However, I do think that creating and maintaining an insightful, yet entertaining, blog is a great tool to add to my resume. It shows dedication, passion, creativity, the ability to adapt to new changes, among many other qualities a employer should look for.