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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Evaluate the class:
1. How would you improve it?
2. Strongest part?
3. How has the class changed you?

Comment below, or email, by noon toda.


  1. 1. More hands on with blog posts. Be more critical of our writing and have more evaluations over it.
    2. Blog adoption was the strongest part. Really insightful.
    3. Made me realize how big the blogging world is.

  2. 1. Idk, maybe more feedback on our posts. Would like to know I'm doing a good job.
    2. Improves our ability to write by having us blog several days a week.
    3. I feel more open and carefree talking about my depression and anxiety and I made a new friend which is great :)

  3. 1. Maybe allow students to blog as a group. Like two students can choose to create a blog together if they want instead of everyone doing their own.

    2. Being able to read other people's blogs and having them read your's.

    3. This class caused be to be more introspective of myself on a daily basis.

  4. 1. I would like to have more critiques on my posts. I liked how you showed our blogs to the made me more aware of what I wrote.

    2. The fact we could blog about whatever we wanted made me more passionate about my topic.

    3. It has made me a more concise writer for sure!

  5. 1. I can't think of a way to improve the class, I really enjoyed it.
    2. The blog adoption was really fun and interesting.
    3. I think it has made me a better writer.

  6. 1. I would not improve it. I found it to be fun and structured well. I learned a lot about blogging.
    2. The strongest part was keeping up with my blog. It was good that he made us blog so frequently.
    3. It has made me a better blogger.

  7. 1. It's awesome, I wouldn't improve it at all. Maybe some food here once in a while but other than that GREAT TEACHER,GREAT CLASS.

    2. The involvement and how you are always helpful.

    3. I'm a better me, better writer and my communications skills are better.

  8. 1. Bring in speakers who blog to give new perspectives. Or to teach a seminar on gaining readers, brainstorming ideas, developing pages, etc.

    2. Time to build page before writing. Time to write in class.

    3. This class makes me appreciate blogs, writing and social networking more.

  9. 1. I would improve this class by incorporating guess speakers.
    2. The strongest part of the class is the creative freedom, and the exposure to various topics.
    3. This class has given me the confidence to take my writing seriously.

  10. 1. I love this class! There is very little I would do to change it. Perhaps have assignments where you have to look at your classmates blog.

    2. I think the strongest part is when you look at everyones blog in class, and explain the strengths of it, and where all we can improve.

    3. I have really grown in being able to express myself through writing. It has allowed me to have an outlet, to make light of some things that were somewhat difficult for me to go through.

  11. 1. I would like feedback for each post.

    2. I always thought about blogging but never started. This class is a good start for those who want to blog but don't know how to start.

    3. This class improved my writing and made me feel more comfortable with it.

  12. 1. I really don't know what I would change exactly. I really like how Clark took the time to make us better.
    2. Clark explaining in depth on how to do something to make our blog better rather than just posting it on the website.
    3. It has made me know what I really want to do after school.

  13. 1. Be More critical of our writing and more analytic in our approach to blog specific writing.

    2. Blog Adoption was the strongest part, its a great way to network and learn how to improve our own blogs.

    3. Never though blogging had so much analytical and a somewhat different style of writing. Definitely a better writer after this class.

  14. 1) had a great experience maybe would just make the class online or hybrid
    2) the professor was great
    3) I learned how to make and maintain a blog even though I could have executed it better

  15. 1. I would allows students to choose their blogging platforms, like WordPress. Blog Spot or Tumblr. Having the same platform made completing assignments easier, but I don't like the layout of Blog Spot.

    2. The strongest part of this class is requiring students to write a certain amount of posts per week. This requirement forces students to write more often and think more creatively.

    3. This class has changed me by helping me become a more concise, clear and efficient writer.

  16. 1. I enjoyed the class, but I think we could improve it by having more feedback and maybe other bloggers come and give us advice.
    2. I really liked how in the beginning of the semester we sat in a circle and spoke about what we would like our blogs to be about. The Blog adoption made me realize everything that I can do with my blog.
    3. I have gotten better at writing and have had the opportunity to read other blogs.

  17. 1. I think this class could improve by maybe bringing in more guest speakers that have a lot of experience in blogging.
    2. The strongest part of this class was having time to write in class, and Clark giving us advice on how to make our blog better.
    3. The class changed me by making me really appreciate the blogging world and how it connects people from all over the world. I also learned how to write a blog, which I never really knew how they were structured before this class; and I feel like I got a lot of insight into how blogging actually works.

  18. 1. How would you improve it?
    I would have loved to have more guest speakers like professionals in the field. Or have Skype calls.
    2. Strongest part?
    Clark's advice was the best part of the class. I gained a lot of perspective from listening to him speak.
    3. How has the class changed you?
    This class has changed how I approach blogging in general. It has made me more professional and less ranty.

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