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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Course requirements

  • Faithful attendance. Grade will drop one level for each two absences. You may not make up missed in class writing and take a 0. If you miss more than 6 class sessions, you will flunk. NO LATE WORK. Any late work will earn a “0.”
  • Be on time to class. Three times late equals an absence.
  • Design and creation of a blog.
  • The ability to write complete sentences, grammatically correct.
  • Weekly postings on the blog, including class notes, and speaker stories.
  • Note: you must post every week, starting with week three. If you miss a week, you lose points. (Hint—in the past, students with the most posts get higher grades than those with minimal or insufficient ones).
  • Following an professional blog in your area, with blog report, presentation.
  • 500-word essay on blogs in today’s world.
  • Note: Your blog must contain original writing. If it is a photography blog, you must have words with every photo, and the blog must have more than captions.
  • Follow There will be assignments on this blog, with deadlines. Missed deadlines mean a 0 for the assignment.

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