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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Course Evaluation

Comment below, today:
1. How would you improve the class?
2. What was the most valuable part of the class?
3. What is your advice to future blogging students?


  1. 1. The only thing I could think of as a way to improve this course was to incorporate social media, so that we can gain followers/readers.
    2. The most valuable part was the practical experience I gained from actually being able to have and manage my own blog.
    3. Keep up with your blogging every week, don't get behind!

  2. 1. No improvements needed.

    2. The most valuable part of this class is the research we do. We learn a lot about how to write and to write well. Knowing how to write makes it more appealing for audience to read your posts.

    3. My advice to future blogging students is, make sure you know what YOU want to blog about. Find what YOU think is interest. Do not blog about what is you think people want you to blog about because that will make your posts harder.

  3. 1. I would improve this class by giving more grade updates. Throughout the semester I have had no idea where I stand grade-wise. I also think more critiquing would allow students to improve their writing skills and their blog.

    2.The most valuable information I learned from this class was that sometimes blogs can be career starters and can become profitable.

    3. My advice to future blogging students would be to keep up with your blog! It can get away from you if you don't work on it every week. I also found that the more time you spend blogging the easier it becomes to post.

  4. 1. Not sure if this was already given or not, but a set number of blogs to post before the end of the semester would be nice.
    2. I feel like we learned skills in networking as well as in social media usage that would be very beneficial in and out of future courses.
    3. Remember to post and do not slack, it is extremely difficult to catch up the last week of class. And remember to enjoy what you do, blogging should be a hobby not a chore.

  5. 1. On improving the class, it could be cool to have students get in front of class and show their blog. And One post for a final (most popular post). I would really like to see how far some of these bloggers have come. Like the guy who is sending some of his blogs to the Bulls.

    2. Reading the blogbloguco post and articles on how we can improve our blogs and what not/ what to do - to your blog.

    3. Really get into it! Find something your like to talk about and type away even if you don't know what to write about. Your life is relevant to students, men, women, someone like you that is going through the same pace of life.

  6. 1. I would just say a lot let busy word. I know we can only blog so many times, but I thought there was a little to much busy work instead of blogging.

    2. I just really liked learning how to blog, and what all blogging can do for you personally.

    3. Blog about whatever you want. Don't take it to seriously because its all for fun. And remember to keep up with your blogging.

  7. 1. To improve, I think it would be nice to incorporate more social media, learn more about promoting our blogs.
    2. The articles we read that gave in-depth advice on blogging was the most valuable to me.
    3. Keep up with your blog. Make sure you pick a topic that really interests you and you enjoy writing about so it doesn't feel like work.

  8. 1.There is not really anything I would change. I liked the pace of the class and all the assignments we had.
    2. The most valuable thing I learned was just gaining experince in blogging. I think it will help improve my writing and is a great tool to understand and use for gaining a job in this field.
    3.Try not to get behind on your posts. Don't over think what your blog will be about and just write.

  9. 1. I think it would be nice to interact with the class members more - get more feedback on our blogs, suggestions for posts, etc.
    2. This experience in blogging has been the most valuable for me. It's a good outlet for writing about personal interest and networking with people.
    3. Don't worry so much about if others will like every single post - just write about things that you find interesting or amusing. Stay true to your style of writing.

  10. 1. I would think that maybe we could transition into using Wordpress because it lets you have a lot of freedom and artistic freedom.

    2. The entire course and making me step out to try something I wouldn't of before. Because of this course I received a couple of part time jobs writing because of it.

    3. Write about your passions and put yourself out there.

  11. 1. How would you improve the class? It would be helpful if the professor knew more about how to set up the design of our blog. Maybe is a little more difficult but it was hard for me to set up my page exactly how I wanted it to look.
    2. What was the most valuable part of the class? The professor had a lot of great advice about how to write for blogs. The articles we read in class were very helpful and interesting. This class was a great way to be creative and it opened my eyes to how fun blogging can be.
    3. What is your advice to future blogging students? Blog about something you are passionate about. I know you will hear that from everyone but it is true. Do not take this class if you are not passionate about something you can write about for a whole semester. This class offers an opportunity to be creative on so many levels do not waste your time just trying to get an easy A, there is more here than you think.

  12. 1. Have a course outline of the whole semester.
    2. I truly enjoyed this class. It improved my writing in a more creative way. I learned a lot more about modern journalism through the reading assignments.
    3. To not get behind in posting and be consistent. Blog more than your required to by the teacher.

  13. 1. To improve the class I would learn more about how to customize how our blogs look and feel.

    2. The most valuable thing I learned through this class was how many different types of blogs there are and the array of ways they can be used.

    3. Make sure that you find a subject that you can talk about excitedly every day, otherwise you will get bored of posting about the dame thing.

  14. 1. I wouldn't change anything about this class. I loved reading about blogs on blogblog and then I loved having time to blog in class.
    2. The most valuable thing I learned is a blog can be anything you want from a daily journal to a political blog.
    3. Pick something you're very passionate about what you want to blog about.

  15. 1. I wouldn't improve anything. I believe this class has what it takes to educate us about blogging and other features.
    2. The blogging was the most valuable thing we all got to do. It's great that our assignment every week is to blog, motivating us to do better in writing and eventually become a better blogger.
    3. Be unique. Be yourself. Don't try to copy others, but rather let your brain speak.

  16. 1. There’s nothing that I would really improve in this course. I really enjoyed it. I like how laid back but informative it was. I learned a lot.
    2. The most valuable part of the class is I learned blogging is not only for my own personal benefit but also for relating and informing to certain groups of people.
    3. My advice would be to blog about your passion.

  17. 1.) I really loved this class and wouldn't change anything about it. I liked that we had free reign to blog about a topic that interested us.
    2.) The most valuable thing I learned was to make sure you are passionate about what you are blogging about. It is easy to lose passion for blogging so you must make sure you love your topic!
    3.) Set aside time to blog! It really will sneak up on you and you will find yourself going weeks without blogging if you aren't intentional about doing it.

  18. 1. Maybe the use of Wordpress or other blog sites.

    2. I may not be ready to be a professional blogger yet but I could be if I stay with it.

    3. This is a great way to keep a historical document for events in your life for your families future generations.

  19. 1. The course design was awesome. A way to improve it would be to incorporate some kind of accountability, like student spotlights, where you would you ask someone each week to talk about their post. Another idea would be to give extra points to the best blog post each week. It would give a more incentive to post on time, plus good content. Another helpful thing would be to have brainstorm period at the beginning of the course to write down potential blog post ideas for the rest of the semester.
    2. The most valuable part was encouraging student creativity, with no boundaries.
    3. You must schedule and manage your time to wok on blog. It will give you better content and consistency.

  20. Improve about the class?
    I was very satisfied with this class and wouldn't have asked for a better class. it was one of my favorites

    Most valuable thing I learned?
    How to write to the reader and what really matters when your writing.

    My advice to future bloggers?
    Don't wait until the last minute to make your blog post or you will regret it.

  21. 1. I think this class is an amazing one that i've enjoyed tremendously. One think that could improve the class is maybe looking at the hits of every blog because someone can post all they want but if their views aren't up to par, I think that speaks to the success of the blog.

    2. The most valuable part of this class was actually creating my blog, it took a lot of time and thinking to come up with something I was truly happy with and was proud to put my name on and call it my own. I think I will continue to blog even after this class.

    3. Keep your content new and fresh. Don't just blog to blog, nobody wants to read that. I have had the most success when I was completely raw and spoke my mind, and let people in on those thoughts. Blog what you're passionate about and it won't be work, it'll be fun!

  22. 1. I don't know if there is anything that needs to be changed. As a basic blogging class, the work that is presented to us is perfect. Some of us are here for their career and some people are here to get a credit. I think the amount of blogs is perfect and the work is easy to understand.

    2. I really enjoyed this class. The most influence thing in this class is seeing all the different ideas each classmate has. It's a very interesting class.

    3. My advice for future bloggers is to enjoy blogging. Try not to think about what you're saying and just say what is truly on your mind.

  23. 1. By using latest technologies one can improve the class.
    2. How one takes class, you should mingle with everyone so that you can get some good learning ideas from other students.
    3. Create a content with highest quality, choose different topic.

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