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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Presentation dates

Presentation rules—you must be here for all presentations. In addition to absences, you lose 10 points.

Remember, outline to all--no excuse for not having enough. 21 outlines.
Paper due day of presentation.
We’ll discuss each presentation and draw one potential final question from it.
Oct. 23--Samantha, Melissa
Oct. 28--Neka, Shannon
Oct. 30--Danielle 
Nov. 4--Bianca, Rayven
Nov. 6--Class canceled
Nov. 11---Alyssa, Kristen,  Daga
Nov. 13--International festival, no class
Nov. 18--International paper due; Diana, Janie
Nov. 20--Audrey, Danniel, Nicole
Nov. 25--Lauren, Cassidy
Dec. 4--Susan, Casey, Josh

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